Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Trail open?

The Trail opens at approximately 7pm on October 1st | 7, 8, 9 | 14, 15, 16 | 21, 22, 23 | 28, 29, 30

What are my options for tickets?

Timed Tickets allowing you to pick the date and time slot you wish to enter the Trail can be purchased online. Limited General admission is available each night at the Trail but sells out fast.

$20Timed Ticketing after September 1st. (Still a good deal because you get in during your chosen time slot and are guaranteed admittance.)

$18Group Timed Ticket, for groups of 10 or more can be purchased at a discounted rate.

$15General Admission. We are limiting the amount of tickets sold at the event so to ensure admittance, it is strongly recommended to purchase Timed Tickets ahead of time.

How can I purchase tickets?

Timed Tickets can be purchased online.

I forgot to go on my selected night, can I get a refund?

No, all Timed Ticket sales are final. If the Trail of Terror is cancelled for the evening, Timed Ticket holders will be emailed and their Timed Tickets automatically refunded. (Refunds may take up to 7 business days from the cancel date)

I bought tickets for the wrong night/time, can I change them?

Yes, but only if tickets are still available for the slot you wish to change to. If Timed Tickets are available, immediately purchase Timed Tickets for the desired time slot and then contact us at please reference both the original and new order numbers, once confirmed a refund of the original tickets will be issued. Due to high email demand in October it may take up to two weeks to process your request. We would recommend ordering tickets for a different night as soon as possible because the closer we get to Halloween the quicker they sell out. Transfers to new nights must be requested and new Timed Tickets purchased a day before the date of the old Timed Tickets, Timed Tickets not used for a past night will not be transferred or refunded.

You have Sold Out of Timed Tickets for the evening I wish to attend, are tickets available at the event?

Limited General Admission is available at the gate, however it is extremely limited and may require you to purchase tickets ahead of time at the gate and return for 11-11:30PM on Friday, Saturday and 10-10:30PM on Sunday. Admittance without a Timed Ticket is not guaranteed.

I purchased a Timed Ticket, now what?

Timed Tickets are broken up in to hour slots starting at 7pm with the last slot ending at 11pm. For example if you purchased a ticket for the 8pm-9pm time slot for October 3rd you can arrive during that hour and enter the designated line for that slot. At 8pm we will begin letting in that time slots guests. If you see it posted online that the Trail is sold out for the evening this only pertains to walk up General Admission tickets and on site VIP Passes. Timed Tickets are still hoNored.

How late is the Trail open until?

The Trail is open until 11pm Fridays and Saturdays and until 10pm on Sundays. However the Trail may sell out of tickets for the night and close the gates earlier than the times posted. All guests who are present before we close the line off to new guests or arrive with online speed pass tickets will enter.

Does the Trail donate all their proceeds and are all the staff volunteers?

It is true, the outrageous staff of the Trail of Terror is made up entirely of volunteers. Our staff are also as dedicated to community charities as they are to maniacal merrymaking. Over the years, the Trail donated $700,000 to the Wallingford, CT chapter of the Red Cross. The Trail now benefits the Wallingford Emergency Shelter, works closely with C.R.E.W. (Community Revitalization Efforts of Wallingford) to support students who provide humanitarian aid in areas where it is most needed as well as donating to other various local charities in need. See our Donations website for a complete list.

Where can I park?

PNA Park, located at the corner of N Plains Hwy and N Plains Industrial Road provide parking for the Trail of Terror at the cost of $8 per car and $25 per coach or school bus. These fees (cash only) are collected by and for the PNA Park and their needed maintenance and services. Other area business parking lots are not recommended for parking, be aware of "No Parking" signs and "Tow Zone" signage; as local business will have cars illegally parked on their property towed.

Can I bring in food, is food available to purchase?

2016 Trail Grub has been expanded and is now available right when you enter the Trail and while you wait in line! Enjoy Chili Dogs, Nachos, Candy and a selection of Hot and Cold beverages. Cold beverages and snacks are also available in our Midway, after the first half of the Trail and in our comment tent after the second half of the Trail.

You are allowed to bring drinks (Non alcoholic only) or food items into our Timed Ticket lines, however food items are not allowed into the Trail.

What happens during unfavorable weather?

The Trail of Terror is an outdoor event, unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, high winds or thunderstorms can cause unsafe conditions for both you our guests and the creatures of the Trail. In event of a weather closing an announcement will be posted on, Facebook and Twitter by 5pm of that night. Timed Ticket holders will also receive an email of the cancelation along with an automatic refund (Refunds may take up to 7 business days from the cancel date).

Since the Trail is outdoors, can I smoke?

No, although we are an outdoor event the entire Trail of Terror property, including anywhere past our gates (line areas, concessions, restrooms, etc) are smoke free. If you must smoke and are still in line for the Trail you must exit the Trail and smoke on the road. Guests found smoking on the property risk being asked to leave.

Are costumes, masks or makeup allowed?

No, any guest that enters the Trail of Terror wearing a costume, mask or makeup will be asked to remove these items. If they are unable to comply to that request they will not be allowed to enter.

Is the Trail suitable for children?

Parents need to take an active role in determining whether or not their children should go through the Trail of Terror. We do not recommend children under the age of 10 walk the Trail and strongly recommend young children do not attend. Infants and children under 5 are not allowed.

Can I send someone to save a place in line for my group if we are arriving late?

No, the sending of a small group to hold places in line for a larger group is strictly prohibited. The line to enter the Trail is formed in a first come first served basis.

What should I wear?

The Trail is an outdoor event that takes place during the month of October. We recommend clothing that you will be comfortable in for a few hours outside. You will be walking in the woods - comfortable footwear is highly recommended (NoT: high heals, flip flops, open toe shoes, etc).

I have condition X, Y or Z should I come to the Trail?

You should not enter the Trail of Terror if you suffer from any physical or mental ailments such as asthma, heart condition, vertigo, seizures, respiratory condition, or any type of intense phobia or if you are pregnant. Please see our list of posted warnings for more information.

The Trail is an outdoor event that uses special effects, theatrical smoke, strobing lights, loud music/sound effects, unsteady/uneven ground, etc. If you believe that any of these will cause you undo physical or mental harm please do not come to the Trail. If you have specific questions don't hesitate to contact us with them at . Please allow for an up to one week reply.

How can I stay up to date with the Trail?

We have several ways for you to stay up to date with us. Of course this website but you can also follow us on both Twitter and Facebook. We also periodically send out emails to our Timed Ticket purchasers. If you want to receive these emails without purchasing a Timed Ticket just fill out this quick form. We will not sell your address to anyone. You may unsubscribe at anytime.

This FAQ is updated periodically, it was last updated on October 14, 2016.